XTD is Across the Divide


Benediction     Celtic folk/rock     My Irish friend’s parting shot to me was always 'May the road rise to meet you; may the wind be in your back!' The rest is my poetic licence working.    video
Normal Day         Singer/songwriter acoustic rock    A song for the working class, wherein I once didst travail - pure nostalgia from another era. Now the factories are gone and becoming a rock star is considered a career move!     video.
Mission Impossible    Staight ahead rock    This track will self-destruct in five minutes, quicker if you play it! A love song for my wife...they said, ‘It’ll never last!’
Samson & Delilah      Dylanesque/country     An allegorical tongue-in-cheek (and true!) story about me being seduced by a record executive.
Ball & Chain    Dub percussion Europop    Bye Bye Baby. Things are changing and I’m moving on. I'm fed up of you bleating like you are a victim, when really you are a victor.
Cold City     medium rock    
Broken promises come as a package with rock ‘n’ roll - or is it just with life? Anyway, here’s my six-penneth on the subject.
Shanty Town Blues     Southern blues    Inspired by Curtis Mayfield, and first recorded yonks ago with lovely guitar distortion on a B&O Sound-On-Sound recorder.
Robin's song     Retro rock with a modern theme     Who’s Robin? Some crazy bird writing stuff about me and Jack Rosa on Facebook.
Post War Baby     Songwriter ballad    
A song about a girl who had a somewhat materialistic outlook on things… but she was very pretty!
Girl in a Jaguar     comic pop/rock    Retro ditty of local gal using the family Jag to insinuate a certain social standing.
Across the Divide     medium folk/rock    
Yesterdays’ glory lies somewhere in a fog of yesterdays’ lost ‘Lookout across the divide, what’s there to see? - only the ruins of how it used to be.’


The cast...



Bob Wilson

Mark Jago

Alan Smith

Jack Rosa

Sungbin Huh





Martin Smith

Barry Willis

Chris Malin