by Dave Scott-Morgan  
from the album 'Across the Divide' 
Produced by Martin Smith

Normal Day




The song was originally written about the working class from a semi-biographical perspective ("a song from the working class wherein I once didst travail"). Now in 2012, the video morphs the message to include the life and times of our own Queen Elizabeth who, in the year of her Jubilee, has come to typify to the British nation, the flagship example of duty and service.

Note: Whilst the majority of the video footage follows in chronological order in keeping with the message of the song, a  couple of clips have been positioned out of this sequence for artistic or synchronisation reasons.
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Words & Music by Dave Scott-Morgan

The cast:

Dave Scott-Morgan
Guitar, Vocals

Bob Wilson
Slide Guitar

Mark Jago
Guitar effect

Martin Smith

Barry Willis

Stephanie Wookey