Why ‘Bubbles’?

That’s because the album has got various interludes which sort of bubble up between the tracks! – there are three of them as yet (more to follow) – ‘I’d love to see you’ opens the album, ‘The Rockford bubble’ introduces ‘Mistress Caroline’ and ‘Ceilidh Light’ ends the album after ‘Big Brown Sky.’

Gibraltar Farm’ is about a girl named Violette Szabo GC, a real heroine of wartime history. Her code name was ‘Louise’ and along with hundreds of others, she began her dangerous mission from the ‘departure lounge’ of Gibraltar Farm, just a shack on one side of a secret airfield in Bedfordshire. Check out the Gibraltar Farm Video.

The Queen, the Prince and the Dish‘ bubbled up out of a convergence of events that came together on 21 April this year: It was the Queen’s birthday, and the TV reporting this was interrupted by a newsflash from America that pop star Prince had died in Minnesota. At the same time my phone range and I heard the news that my old pal Jim, who was always known by the nick-name ‘The Dish’, had died. So this song is my homage and remembrance; an epitaph for an old pal.