Come the Three Kings.   Scott Morgan & Hornsby 2015   

Come the Three Kings – British songwriter and author Laurie Hornsby has teamed up with rock musician Dave Scott-Morgan to record this new song for Christmas 2015. Laurie, writer of best selling books chronicling Birmingham’s rock ‘n’ roll heritage (Brum Rocked, Brum Rocked On) and Dave, former musician with the cosmic Birmingham group ELO. Laurie and Dave’s ‘Come the Three Kings’ also features internationally acclaimed Hossam Ramzy on percussion. (released 30 October).



Spaceship Earth.   Dave Scott-Morgan and Richard Tandy 2013
Spaceship Earth – the opening fanfare for the EarthRise album, recorded by Richard Tandy and Dave Morgan in the Year of Analogue, when the only piece of digital equipment on hand was Dennis the Oberheim drummer! EarthRise Special Edition is a restored, remixed and remastered version of the original and this video, released in 2013, includes a cameo appearance by local Birmingham legend Steve Gibbons. Enjoy.