Laurie Hornsby
Dave Scott-Morgan

Come the Three Kings
Birmingham songwriter and author Laurie Hornsby has teamed up with veteran rock musician Dave Scott-Morgan to compose and record a new song dedicated to the Christmas season. Laurie is well known for his excellent books chronicling Birmingham rock ā€˜nā€™ roll heritage scene ‘Brum Rocked!’ and ‘Brum Rocked On!’ that told the story of Brum’s 1960s music scene.
During the last decade, Laurie has teamed up with various musicians from the BrumBeat era to help perform many of the great songs from the 1960s live on-stage. Dave Morgan played guitar in several significant Brum bands during the 1960s including The Uglys and wrote songs with Carl Wayne that were recorded by The Move. During the 1970s and 80s, Dave helped form the rock band ‘Magnum’ and also recorded/performed with the Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) on international tours.
Laurie and Dave’s collaboration is entitled ‘Come the Three Kings’ and also features Dave’s wife Mandy on backing vocals. The recording includes percussion played by Hossam Ramzy who has worked with among others, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. The record will be released in late 2015 and credited to ‘Scott Morgan & Hornsby’ (available for download on iTunes or Amazon).
For more information about Dave’s music career, you can visit his web site at: www.davescottmorgan.com