Published by Lifeware Publishing, April 2012
Book Title taken from the song ‘Rise and Stand’ by David Scott-Morgan.
(Dave was guitarist with world famous Electric Light Orchestra group 1981-86)


The new book release by Sandie George

with forewords by Pastor Dave Carr and Rev David Woodfield
and cover accreditation by Jeff Lucas

one level: an unassuming housewife from Birmingham, she takes you into the most secret places of her journey so that you can almost smell them. It’s impossible not to relate to the situations of Sandie’s real-life drama because it is so down to earth, making it all the more the cliff-hanger! This epic story leaves you feeling all kinds of things: hope, peace, thankfulness.  A tour de force of writing for Twenty-First century believers and today’s spiritual seekers.


If you would like me to visit your church / group / meeting, please email me and I will get back to you.  Sandie


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