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With Apologies to Solomon

proverbs by Dave Scott-Morgan


Words and nuclear missiles, once launched 
cannot be recalled. 
My car doesn't have an air-bag or anti-lock brakes 
Lord protect me, I am destitute! 
Love flows like a river 
no matter how many obstacles in it's path, it finds a way round.
The flattery of men is less than worthless 
so a man prizes it above all. 
One can be like a magnet to another 
but the Lord controls the polarity for his own purposes. 
A man turns left when he wants to turn right 
He knows his heart but doesn't understand it. 
The seductress will catch many glances as she passes 
but the one who looks twice is captured. 
If in the end, we can truly know that we don't know 
then all our research will not have been in vain. 
A man can risk everything for God and be perfectly secure 
but one taking refuge behind locked doors is in mortal danger. 
Two of the same mind can forge unbreakable bonds 
but physical attraction is as fickle as the wind. 
True Love is a gift of God 
it is priceless and offends no-one. 
One man sets his heart forever against the other 
yet both will be of the same mind on the day of judgement. 
In order to build a temple 
the choicest part of the city is first destroyed. 
The man who loves his dog more than his neighbour 
may one day discover himself barking in company. 
Sorrow is a veil and death a curtain 
but both open up the heart to God. 
A man sees a short cut and takes it 
but the one who trusts in the Lord arrives in time for the party. 
As an old man's eyes grow dimmer 
so he sees that much further than the young man
The man who sells burglar alarms 
rejoices as the crime rate soars. 
A powerful person attracts many onlookers 
and gossip is always counted amongst them. 
Science says there is no God and death is utter void 
and men rejoice in the streets at the good news. 
God is in heaven, we are on earth 
how much further then, can He see? 
A butterfly flaps it's wings and a volcano erupts 
How easy then, for a man's thoughts to bring disaster on many. 
Fine words capture the attention of the congregation 
but the Lord attends the simple cry from a heart. 
He who disproves the existence of God 
becomes a god himself for a season. 
with apologies to Solomon       David Scott-Morgan 1997 - 1999

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