ELO in Montreaux Here are ELO in Montreaux, Switzerland, singing ‘So Serious’ in May 1986 at the Golden Rose Rock TV Special. More or less from left to right: Louis Clerk, Mik Kaminski, Martin Smith, Jeff Lynne, Bev Bevan, Richard Tandy, Dave Morgan.
  Spaceship Earth The opening fanfare for the EarthRise album, recorded by Richard Tandy and Dave Morgan in the year Analogue, when the only piece of digital equipment on hand was Dennis the drummer (the Oberheim DMX drum machine). This version is from EarthRise Special Edition, released in 2011. The video includes a cameo appearance by local Birmingham legend Steve Gibbons.
  Benediction ‘May the road rise to meet you - may the wind be in your back!’ This is the opener for the Across the Divide album released in 2012. The video footage was made by Tim Gorringe using time lapse utility on a mobile phone. It fits great with the spirit of song.
  Hiroshima by Sandra Here is the promo video of Sandra singing the monster German hit of my song ‘Hiroshima.’ Her version reached number 4 in Germany and the top ten of 3 other European countries.
  21 Today Phil Hatton and Dave Scott-Morgan composed this epitaph to the worst mass murder in peacetime Britain, which remains to this day, an unsolved crime. This is the  version played at the Town Hall memorial, Birmingham, 2014. 
  Zero Zero This is a song from the Earthrise album ('get your brain back to Zero Zero'), fittingly performed here with all due zaniness in the grounds of the old mental insitution at Hollymoor, Birmingham, by Dave and Mandy plus the man in the mask.
  Something - The Move At the height of their career, The Move made this video for the BBC's Color me Pop program, in 1968. Here they are performing my song 'Something' which was the B side of their Number one hit 'Blackberry Way' in early 1969.
  Tanya In 2015, Boris Nemskov was gunned down in Moscow, like so many politicians and news reporters before him. It so happens that I had a song from way back - written about Che Guevara’s girl friend - and when the news hit of his murder, I remodelled ‘TANYA’ into what is for me, a metaphor for modern Russia. I guess I am definitely not PC.
  Big Brown Sky Under a Big Brown Sky that keeps getting bigger and browner. A song by Bewildered of Planet Earth and stage favourite for MOrganisation. (From the Bubbles album)
  All True Love ALL TRUE LOVE - A breath of timelessness from the eternity within. A song of now or a song of then; A Love song, a God song; welded together using ProTools software and musicians Jack Rosa and Neil Robinson.
  Mission Impossible at the MAC Love is a Mission Impossible! so the song laments. Her are MOrganisation, playing this track from the Across the Divide album at the MAC, Birmingham, April 2016.