I donít want to point a finger
I donít want to lay a blame
Iíve got no axe to grind
Iíve got no high ground I can claim
I just want to lift a prayer up
to the pointlessness of it all
and from the windows of my sadness
let a curtain fall
and to ask that we remember
for remembering is a key
That what happened here in Birmingham
should never ever be
Not here, not there, not anywhere
not in a million years
no matter what the chapter,
no matter what the verse.
Now time has run
and morningís come
and weíre still alive to tell
to recall that sad November night
and all the folks that fell
And to let it be known how hearts still ache
for every single one
for every breath of laughter stilled
where once was Twenty One.

Dave Scott-Morgan  2014