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The FDP system comprises two integrated modules: fdpDuty and roster.
fdpDuty edits and manages all FTL data while roster creates crew roster data, including office personnel, and transfers crew roster data to the optional Flight Scheduling program ('schedule').
FTL data is stored on crew-specific, individual data files and this data system is also addressed by the optional Flight scheduling program which tests and writes projected FTL data when editing a trip.

FTL editor features
  • Maintains records for up to 60 crew on individual portable data files
  • Multi-Crew edit facility: up to 4 crew edited at once. (2)
  • Diarised calendar display automatically expands by selected amount on load.
  • Able to record TWO duty periods commencing on the same day .(1)
  • Customised editor display with columns not required hidden.
  • Split duty times and Handling Sectors recordable.
  • Company FTL scheme user definable for Flight Deck & Cabin Crew.
  • Preferred listing datalist maintains crew listing in the pattern desired.

(1) 'Double-duty day' option inserts a duplicated day at current cursor row, or deletes Double-duty previously created.
(2) The MultiCrew edit dialog edits 4 crew at once, one of which must be the crew member currently loaded in the FTL editor.

MGA also supply these cutting edge AOC software tools for:-

  • Flight Scheduling system
  • Flight documentation utility
  • license / training validity alerts

The good news is that all these modules speak to each other, forming a low cost integrated system, able to make effective contributions toward your company's profitability. 

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