The Monastery of St.Barnabas the Encourager


Powys,  Central Wales
01686 630575
Guest rooms
Mid Wales
Mud, Paint and Prayer


Father Bryan Scrivener

This is the Monastery of St Barnabas the Encourager. It has a small chapel construction that can hold about 10 people for each of its services.
These are held throughout most days of the year at:
8:00 am Morning service with a hymn, scripture reading and prayers
12:30 pm Midday is in a form of a silent vigil with a closing prayer.
5:00 pm Evening Service with scripture readings, prayers and intercessions for the persecuted church and other needs.
9:00 pm End of day service (Compline) with a hymn, reading and meditation.
The Monastery is not to be confused with the vast castle-like structures full of monks, surrounded by imposing walls. Here is a very friendly, open resource for those who seek a retreat from the noise and bustle of life. With prior booking it is possible for adults to stay for a day, night, week or more. The accommodation is not luxury but is more than adequate but there is no need to stay - why not pop in and recharge those tired batteries and perhaps include a service as well. St B's is fully ecumenical in its appeal and function.
Finding this place of quiet, set in beautiful Mid-Wales is like finding a secret. So many peoples lives have been transformed through just being able 'to be' for a short time.





The Monastery of St Barnabas the Encourager.
Lower Brynmawr, Kerry, Newtown, Powys SY16 4NQ
Tel: 01686 630575
(ask for Rob or Joanna)
    Resident Community: Father Bryan Scrivener
Rob & Joanna Brown
Pushkin the cat
  Bishop: Rt.Rev'd. Simon Barrington-Ward



History: The Monastery of St Barnabas the Encourager evolved in 1994 from a 'House of Hospitality' at Lower Brynmawr which came into being in 1979. This retreat house primarily served the students and friends of the Multi-Denominational Centre for Black & White Christian Partnership at Selly Oak College in Birmingham.





Read for yourself the amazing story by Dorothy Scrivener of how the retreat house at Brynmawr, Mid Wales, came to be.


Send to:

Dorothy Scrivener
Lower Brynmawr,
Kerry, Newtown,
Powys SY16 4NQ

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