AOC 2011 System

Data flow between the family of spreadsheet  modules:

AOC 2011 Level One provides all that is required to maintain FTL & crew records and produce FTL audits required by the licensing authorities. The package includes the integrated crew roster utility and fleet and crew data modules for maintaining training and safety records etc.

  • fdp-Duty FTL data editing and auditing utility.
  • roster Aircrew and operations rostering module.
  • pilots Aircrew database and validity alerts.
  • fleet Aircraft database and validity alerts

AOC 2011 Level Two adds integrated tools to streamline sales and operational administration: schedule and flightDocs, plus support utilities.

  • schedule Sales dept.- diarized crew and fleet tasking utility. Schedule checks and writes crew FTL data at task creation time.
  • flightDocs Flight facilitation - Confirmations, Handling request, Passenger Manifest, Journey Log, Trip Folder, Customs forms.
  • aga Worldwide airports data plus user handling agents database. Data Includes UTC offsets and Daylight Saving Time.
  • Ops Manual Airfield categorisation Enables automatic flags within schedule for airports where operational briefings are required.

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