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My Music Demos

Here’s some of my demo recordings (1968-1998). Many are quite embarrassing. Some are pretty good! If no other musicians are mentioned then what you hear is just me in the home studio, playing all instruments.  All songs, words and music by David Morgan/ David Scott-Morgan unless it says otherwise (yes that's right, I changed my name in 1996).   Enjoy...



This is the demo of the song that came to be the B side of The Move's 'Blackberry Way' record in 1969. This was done at Ladbrookes Studio on Bristol Street and I believe the musicians are Trevor Burton, Richard Tandy, Keith Smart and myself.

  Red Rose   This track hails from 1973. Recorded in the front room of my moms house. I rediscovered this track recently after Bob Brady reminded me of it. So here it is with a touch of EQ and echo added to help it bridge the years.

  La Love   

A one-off written around 1995 time. I especially like the lyric to this one - 'a love the teacher above chalked up with a big equals sign.' This song never made it on to my REEL TWO album of 2001 and so has never seen the light of day til now.

  O Boy I'm cold  

Written in Corky's den, America 1970. The story line came from reading about the city of Leningrad's ordeal of being under siege for nearly 900 days during WW2. (Leningrad is now called Saint Petersburg). I vividly remember this tune being picked out by a musician named Mickey Carroll down in Miami in 1971 and later by Richard Bailey, who recorded this version at Nest Studios, Bristol Street Birmingham, around 1977time.

  Goodbye Lover  

This is Richard Tandy and me in the front room of his mom's house circa 1968, recording on a B&O sound-on-sound tape deck. This is the demo of a song later recorded by the group Wishful Thinking. Richard played bass, then guitar while I did the vocal overdubs.

  I'll be back  

I know - it's not one of mine but the Beatles. It was such a lot of fun to sing this classic John-Paul song and to make a small re-design to one of the middle eights (I'm just hoping I won't get sued by anyone for that bit). This recording, in 2000, is all me messing about. It is a song that almost made it to the REEL TWO album, but I chose the Beatles 'Yes it is' instead.

  One Month in Tuesday   This is Carl Wayne singing the 'Corky' song as it came to be called. The lyric is a diary of events in my life centred on a week in 1969. Corky wrote a letter and Cathy, my girl friend, gave me the push. Meanwhile the Apollo astronauts sped around moon and college student Barbara sent me the results of the photograph session she had done for the Ugly's. Carl is singing in my mom's house at Tile Cross,  Birmingham, on my B&O recorder. 
  I wrote a song   Carl Wayne again singing my song about songs and the music business that digests them. The dramas pictured in the song were drawn from real life like most of my songs, with a few dramatic excursions thrown in for good measure:- 'my song is on the air, I hear it everywhere I go..' - I wish.
  Genesis to Darwin   This track was recorded around 1980 on a TEAC 4 track at Sheila's house in Yardley, Birmingham. I was musing on the gulf between the world system and the spiritual realm, forced ever wider by faith in scientific theory.
  It's an ill wind that blows   It was in the late 60s when folk songs first burst upon our ears, hard on the heels of the Beatles. This song is the reason that I got a job with Danny King's Mayfair Set - He really liked it and called me up: 'I don't care if you're short, ugly or bald. I want you in my group!' It was recorded at Johnny Hayne's studio at the back of Ladbrookes Pianos in Bristol Street, circa 1969 with Roy Wood and Trevor Burton accompanying. This track was finally released on The Complete Ugly's CD in 2004.
  Waiting for you   People rushing everywhere - never got a minute to spare. But me - I'm just waiting for you like I always do....  Another TEAC 4 track recording made around 1980.
  The Christmas Story   This was the very first track I recorded in 1999 using my new Roland VS1680 digital recorder. It's my take on the perennial unchanging story of the birth of Jesus - the redeemer God breaking into the space-time realm that we inhabit, 2000 years ago.
It was released on my 'Angel Light' album in 2002.